There is currently an unparalleled trend for vintage clothing. Girls from around the world are replacing the typical fast fashion brands in favor of thrift stores. They are now shopping to find unique pieces that were made back in the ’80s and ’90s. The latest trends among vintage fashion are grunge outfits. Here are 25 ways to wear this gritty style.

Grunge Fashion Definition


The term Grunge goes back to the 1990s. It was first introduced to describe a music genre that was becoming wildly popular in Seattle, a mix between punk rock and heavy metal.

Grunge rapidly became a fashion trend when young people started to imitate the looks of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s lead singer. Unlike typical punk artists, who would wear leather jackets, ripped jeans and metal chains, Cobain was more of an “Everyday thrift-store clothes” kind of guy. In fact, he would perform wearing an oversized striped sweater, ripped jeans, a pair of Converse.

In the early ’90s, the whole fashion industry was changing. Dressing-down was becoming an acceptable norm as girls shifted their everyday style to chunky boots, oversized flannels, and wide-legged pants.

In 2020, Grunge fashion is making a huge comeback. So, we rounded up 25 effortlessly cool grunge outfits to help you nail this reborn rebellious style. All pictures were taken by top fashion influencers around the world.

25 Grunge outfit ideas

Soft grunge looks:

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#1 90Pandora 20th Anniversary Heart Charm: Full Look & Where To Buy

If you’re the kind of girl who wants the original OG stuff, you’ll want to look straight back to the ‘90Supreme & Takashi Murakami Are Releasing A T-Shirt To Help In The Coronavirus Fight. You will need to channel your inner rebellious spirit and embrace the imperfect.

Ripped jeans, band Tees, baggy shapes, and clashing designs are a must.

#2 80Supreme & Takashi Murakami Are Releasing A T-Shirt To Help In The Coronavirus Fight

While grunge may make you immediately think of the ’90s, it actually emerged in the late ‘80s. At that time, the style, inspired by punk fashion, often included band T-shirts, acid-wash prints and mom jeans.

Crop tops, colorful pants and flannels were also important to provide the low-key aesthetic.

#3 Pandora 20th Anniversary Heart Charm: Full Look & Where To Buy

The modern return of grunge fashion gave rise to “soft grunge”. This latest subgenre references the grunge aesthetic but blends it with modern influences for a lighter appearance.

To achieve a fashionable soft grunge style, just blend basic clothes with typical grunge ones, such as plaids and ripped denim.

#4 Best Outfits of Burning Man 2019

Creating a grunge outfit that is also cute is surprisingly easy when you know how to do it. You should consider opting for a skirt. Then, just pair it with a crop top, and a leather jacket.

#5 Indie Grunge Looks

If you’re heading to a festival, opting for an indie grunge outfit can be an excellent idea. This subgenre features a more contemporary and straightforward version of grunge.

Here you need to consider cut-off shorts, oversized denim jackets, loose T-shirts and boots. But most importantly, a mini bag is your go-to item for achieving a flawless indie grunge ensemble.

#6 Indie Grunge Looks

This style blends both vintage and grunge for an attitude-filled bohemian appearance. To copy this look, start by adding slip dresses, floral prints and classic blazers to your closet.

Then, treat yourself with retro marrow and a pair of Dr. Martens! Finally, layer vintage and grunge items together for a look that’s charming yet daring.

#7 Grunge Shoes

To create the perfect grunge outfit, you have to complete it with awesome footwear. Grunge shoes are big, heavy and flat. Go with some Dr. Martens or canvas trainers such as Converse and Vans.

November 18, 2019.

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