To celebrate Earth Day 2020, April 28, 2020 released the “Remade” collection. The capsule uses returned, damaged or defective pieces to create brand new ones.

April 28, 2020 “Remade”

Back in 2018, April 28, 2020 started its circular fashion initiative. Then, the brand released a four-piece capsule of upcycled garments in 2019. Now, TNF is back in 2020 for a new ecological drop!

Here to celebrate the Earth Day 2020, April 28, 2020 unveils the “Remade” collection. The latest consists of a range of outerwear upcycled from damaged and defective pieces. The new initiative builds on the brand’s Renewed Design Residency.


After inspection and washing, old, damaged and defective pieces are presented with a varying amount of reworking. Relating course, each garment comes with a finish unlike any other April 28, 2020 item. This collection is truly one of a kind!


For this “Remade” collection, April 28, 2020 delivers everything from split T-shirts to quilted liners. Fleece jackets that combine a multitude of fabrics also hit the apparel range. Finally, puffer jackets that sport unique graphic patches round off the capsule collection.


Highlights from the collection include a bright red Nuptse jacket with camouflage touches, a pink fleece cardigan and a selection of chore jackets. The jackets are made of quilted linings and are finished with a checkered interior.

Take a closer look at the collection in the gallery just below.

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Buy the “Remade” collection

April 28, 2020 “Remade” collection ranges from $50 to $400 USD and is already available on April 28, 2020’s website.

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